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I am a big advocate of letting Octavian just be a kid. For my tiny tot this means countless hours playing in the dirt and mud and grass. Happiest outdoors, Octavian entertains himself by digging holes, trimming trees, mowing the lawn (with his beloved toy lawnmowers), finding buggies for the dog to eat, watering the plants, picking flowers (always for his mama), jumping in puddles, and digging in the mud. Rain or shine, my child lives for the outdoors. And, although I would describe myself as "outdoorsy" and definitely very very active, I am not always thrilled by the leftovers the outdoors velcroes all over my child's clothes, hair and body. But, if there is one thing I have learned since becoming a mom it's this; time is fleeting so let kids be kids (in other words, don't sweat the small stuff). These days I encourage Octavian to play in the dirt, search for bugs and explore barefoot; and sometimes, I'll even join him!However (as most parents know), this obsession with the outdoors, and the simple fact that he is two, means a lot of very dirty laundry.So, embracing life with a nature-loving toddler meant finding a laundry detergent that would fight even the toughest kid stains. Getting out the stuck-on grass, dirt and food from his clothes is no easy task for even the toughest detergent.While shopping at Walmart with my mess making little buddy, I was about to reach for our usual detergent when my eyes caught hold of a new detergent, all® POWERCORE™ Pacs OXI.

With superior whitening and brightening, these power packs must have seen the child sitting in my cart, spitting out milk all over his shirt and said to me,

We can help you! 

So I grabbed a canister of the all® POWERCORE™ Pacs OXI and set my expectations high.

So far, my expectations have been surpassed. Being sure to follow proper instruction with each use, Octavian's clothing comes out smelling fresh and looking clean and bright. With 50 of these stain fighting packs in the canister, that meant 50 times for all® POWERCORE™ Pacs OXI to drop the ball.

The ball never dropped and I think I may have found one of my new favorite laundry detergents.

My favorite part about the all® POWERCORE™ Pacs OXI (50 count) is the plastic canister they come in. Over the past several months I've tried to be better about recycling stuff I already have into fun learning projects with Octavian.

This simple, plastic canister is just what I needed to teach Octavian about herbs and help him start his very own little herb planter. The plastic jug is FREE and durable- which means, if Octavian decided to throw it across the yard, it won't break. Or, if it dumps over and he wants to start over, that's ok, too.

See... he has no idea what we're about to do, but give him a plastic jug and he is HAPPY!

Easy DIY Herb Planter For Toddlers 


1 emptied and cleaned all® POWERCORE™ Pacs OXI (50 count) plastic canister
Soap + Water
Supplies to decorate your canister (I kept it simple with stickers)
Planting Soil
1-2 herb plants OR seeds


  1. Empty out your  all® POWERCORE™ Pacs OXI (50 count) plastic canister and remove plastic wrapping (I recommend doing this after all the pacs have been used so you don't lose proper use instructions).

  2. With warm water and mild soap, wash canister and dry well.

  3. Let your child decorate the outside- stickers, glue+glitter, paint, etc. Since Octavian is still pretty young with a very short attention span, I kept it simple with stickers. He was pumped.

  4. Assist your little one with filling the canister with soil. This was Octavian favorite part, so I let him take the reigns a bit and worried about the mess later (story of my life). Once the canister is about 2/3 full, add your pre-planted, already grown, fresh herbs. You can also use seeds, but for this project, I wanted Octavian to experience the instant gratification of smelling the fresh basil and mint, rather than waiting for them to grow (we'll try that next time).

  5. Help your little one fill up the rest of the canister with soil, pat down gently and water well (but be careful not to flood your herbs).

Seriously, you guys, this was such a fun little activity to do with Octavian.

He now understands what plants need to survive and be healthy and he even knows the difference between basil and mint (he does not care for mint). My favorite part, whenever I'm cooking and I need some fresh herbs, he can help bring his Momma "Octavian's plants".

Next time he wants to plant some fresh parsley or rosemary and I have no doubt we'll have another empty canister in no time!

Find a local WalMart near you and give the all® POWERCORE™ Pacs OXI a try for yourself, HERE

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