Buttermilk Chicken Drumsticks

After hearing so much about the wonders of marinating chicken in buttermilk, I decided I would give it a try. After all, it did make sense. Yogurt marinated chicken is the BEST, so I could only assume that the same would apply to buttermilk.

Oh man, you guys! Buttermilk and chicken go together like flour and buttermilk. The chicken came out so good! 

Along with the buttermilk, I marinated the chicken with garlic and shallots for some bite, red pepper flakes for just a small hint of heat and dried Italian herbs for freshness.  Incredible flavor and the juiciest, most tender grilled meat I have ever eaten. The best part is that it can be prepared the day before and grilled the next day whenever you're ready! You can make a large batch for a summer party or as much chicken as you need to get through the week!

In other news, Octavian spiked a fever of 104 degrees F last night. Since I've had a migraine this whole week, we skipped the gym this morning and spent the morning watching cartoons instead. If sitting on our butts was healthy and TV made us smarter, I would definitely do cartoons with my little guy every morning. Snuggling under a fluffy blanket and getting "wom and comfobowl" is definitely the best way to start the day. Unfortunately, moving from this happy place is simply too painful to make it a daily habit.

Octavian finally convinced me to move from the couch (jk, I moved all on my own) and take Juniper to the dog park since she was starting to lose her marbles. Octavian made friends with not one, not two, but THREE very nice, very funny, older gentlemen who could have easily been his grandpa (or maybe even mine!).

After preparing a grilled cheese, pb&j and oatmeal for Octavian for lunch (he didn't eat any of it), he took a crappy hour nap before waking up VERY grumpy and feverish. To the doctor we goooo. Long story short, once again, the doctor has no idea what is causing his mystery fever.

You guyssss, this flu season has been a brutal one. It needs to end now.

The rest of the day was boring and uneventful, which I take to be a great thing. The husband was home to help with the dog, the weather was amazing (seriously northern California, THANK YOU!) and we all the yummy, juicy chicken we wanted.

Well, that just about sums it up. Exciting stuff, I know. Actually, sitting here, having just reread everything I wrote, I have no idea what possessed me to write an overview of my day. Especially since it was so boring. Unless that's why I did it. Little reminders of real life.

ahh, which reminds me... you know how some children take brand new toys to bed with them to sleep? like a ball or a doll? or, if you were me as a child, the Beauty and the Beast VHS when it came out. Wellll, my son insisted on going to sleep with his owl sippy cup (the cheap seasonal cups they have at Target). He is obsessed (sorry, another little bit of Octavian I didn't want to forget).


Buttermilk Chicken Drumsticks

Prep Time: 5 minutes (allow at least 4 hours to overnight to marinate) / Cook Time: 30-40 minutes / Total Time: 35-45 minutes + minimum 4 hours inactive time


3 pounds chicken drumsticks (thighs would also be delicious)
3 cups buttermilk
6 cloves garlic, minced
2 large shallots, minced
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes


  1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the buttermilk, garlic, shallots, Italian seasoning, salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes.

  2. Pour buttermilk mixture into a large ziplock bag or baking dish (I always double bag when using a ziplock bag). Carefully add the chicken and toss to coat. Seal or tightly cover the chicken and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or up to overnight; turn chicken once or twice. Remove chicken 30 minutes before grilling.

  3. Heat grill to medium-low and place marinated chicken on the grill. Discard the marinade. Cover the grill and cook the chicken, turning occasionally, until golden brown and cooked through, approximately 30 to 40 minutes.


Recipe inspired by She Wears Many Hats

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