The Struggles of Toddler Tooth-Brushing and Finally a Toothpaste They'll LOVE

The Struggles of Toddler Tooth-Brushing and Finally a Toothpaste They'll LOVE

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I've tried every kids toothpaste out there and O hates all of them! Finally, the struggle to find a yummy dye-free, artificial-sweetener-free, and preservative-free kids fluoride toothpaste is OVER! Say Hello to Hello Products, naturally friendly kids toothpaste. Just in time for the Holiday sugar storm headed our way, your kids will love them :)

(blue raspberry is O's favorite )

There are about a million other things I would rather do than brush my kids teeth. Things ranging from taking out the trash, trim our puppy's talons (I mean nails), scrub the grout in the bathroom shower, go to the dentist or clean out my car (it's scary in there).

In other words, I dread brushing O's teeth. What's worse, it HAS to be done...twice a day #thestruggleisreal

Before his molars made their appearance, I (may have) pinned him to the ground, distracting him with a short video as I quickly got in there to scrub that puppies down. Everyone was happy. Now, he gets TV on the regular, isn't afraid to bite off my finger and is seriously strong for his tiny size.

I tried to change tactics and explain that he had to brush the "germy bugs" off his teeth, all while making really cool "BOOM! POW! POP!" sound-effects. This worked two days.

Then the toothbrush transformed into a train...a plane...a boat! Through tunnels, clouds and big, huge giant waves these modes of transportation fought to reach all the bad, yucky germy buggies and "BOOM! POW! POP!" them away. This worked until, all of a sudden one day, my sensitive child said to me, "no mama, the babies will miss their mommies". And then started to cry.

I give up.

But then, as if by magic I discovered this naturally friendly hello toothpaste.

Coming in three flavors, Natural Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Bubble Gum, these cheerful tubes of toothpaste are clinically proven to prevent cavities with,

NO dyes
NO artificial sweeteners
NO artificial flavors
NO preservatives
NO microbeads
NO triclosan
NO parabens
NO animal testing

Oh, but there's more...

All Hello kids toothpaste tubes are bpa-free and contain no phthalates, each box is made from 100% recycled paperboard AND each are made from completely globally sourced ingredients in the USA.


So, we know that Hello Products makes AWESOME kids toothpaste- it's good for you, good for the environment and come in colorful, happy packaging that will get your child excited to brush their teeth.

But how does it taste? After all, none of that other stuff really matters if you can't get your child to put it in their mouth.

Well, Octavian LOVES all the flavors (see video above or click here) and frequently requests to brush his teeth since we switched to Hello Toothpaste (as long as I leave the germy buggies out of it).

I allow him to pick his flavor, thus giving him back some control (this time in a positive way) - something I've learned my son likes to have (control, that is).

With our toothbrush battles sounding very familiar to many others' out there, I've decided to give the gift of clean teeth for Christmas this year to all the kiddos I know. Parents with thank me, kids will love me, and dentists will, well, that depends on the dentist.

But wait! Hello Products is not just for kids. They also make toothpaste for grownups!

...Like, mojito mint :)

I picked up several boxes of the adult hello toothpaste and love them. Plus, they make the perfect stocking stuffers.

(shhhh, don't tell my husband) :)

I also love the idea of adding this fun new toothpaste to your little ones Christmas Eve Basket of goodies.

Do you let your kids open up one gift on Christmas Eve?

When I was growing up my parents always gave me and my siblings new, matching Christmas jammies. They would sit us in front of the Christmas tree and take about a billion pictures of us before the madness of Christmas morning came along. I have continued the same tradition with Octavian; however, my gift of jammies has grown to a basket of bedtime goodies.

His basket always includes- a new book, stuffed animal, holiday pjs, homemade cookies and any other little things I feel like throwing in.

I LOVE the idea of adding new toothpaste. The holidays are filled with delicious sugary treats and this is a fun way to get kiddos excited about brushing their teeth!

To learn more about hello kids toothpaste visit

To learn more about hello (grown-up) toothpaste visit


Thanks for reading :)

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