Healthy Eyes with LensCrafters

Healthy Eyes with LensCrafters

I'm sharing #LensCrafters in my life as part of a LensCrafters sponsored series for Socialstars™. Thanks for reading!

I remember when my mother discovered that I had horrible vision. I was in middle school and it was at a time in the 90s when wearing glasses was so not cool. Although I didn't go out of my way to hide the fact that I couldn't see two feet in front of my face, I also never said anything. I was in sixth grade (a really miserable pre-teen year having to do with peers) and I couldn't add glasses to the list of things to be teased about. I mean, I was already that girl- the new girl from out-of-town and the first girl to go through puberty. 

In other words, the outcast with boobs.

The boys loved me (translation- they teased and harassed me) and the girls hated me.

Glasses? No thank you.

Then my mom got a note or a call (I can't remember) from my teacher explaining that I am always squinting to read the white board and my grades sucked.

Annnnnd, busted.

It was then that I got my first pair of glasses; a not-so-great time in my life (for so many reasons, not just socially). After that, I would wear them only when completely necessary- like at home, alone, watching a movie. Ok, that's a small lie, but busting those glasses out and putting them on felt like first day I debuted my mouth full of metal braces, but over and over and over.

Let's just say my first exposure to life with four eyes was not one I care to relive. Thanks to this I've always dragged my feet when it comes to eye care. Daily contacts? yeahhh, i'll make those last a month AND wear them to bed! (don't do this, you guys. Corneal abrasions suck.) Yearly checkups? Not me! And glasses? ha! I'm pretty sure I had the same pair of glasses from middle school to college. Let's just say I was not wearing the correct prescription.

If this sounds anything like you, I totally get it. I mean, it's so much easier to just ignore those yearly eye check-up reminders. Plus, they always feel like they take forever.

But, I'm a grown up now. I may have no idea when this happened (wasn't I just in college), but it's true. Plus, I have another set of little blue eyes to look after now. It's time I find a family optometrist.

So, where was I on Tuesday night? Getting my eyes checked and glasses prescription updated over at my local LensCrafters. LensCrafters provides the highest standards in eye care, eye wear (you guys, the styles were endless!) and service. As the leader in vision care, LensCrafters uses leading technology ensuring that you always see your best.

I had an appointment at 5pm and was seen immediately. Service was excellent and everyone was incredibly friendly and patient- and even though I was the last patient for the last day, I felt no rush to get out the door and be done. Of course, I can't speak for every LensCrafters location, but I was very impressed to say the least. The exam and evaluation was relatively fast and completely painless, but most importantly, organization and communication between staff was flawless. I was out the door by 545pm (I did not pick out new glasses, this would have taken me much longer). And, although I had had my eyes checked a little less than a year ago, I was informed of a couple unknown issues that had not been brought to my attention at my last appointment (nothing serious, except, perhaps, I may need to invest in better sunglasses).

Will I return to LensCrafters? Yes. Absolutely.

I am especially curious about their new Clarifye Eye Exam Service. Have you heard about it?

Clarifye makes getting your eyes checked even easier! Thanks to this new service, the guesswork is cut out, making diagnostics fast and even more precise so you can get more personal discussion time with the doctor. There is no other eye exam more precise or with a more comprehensive understanding of your eye health than Clarifye.

The best part? You get the initial digital measurement in about 60 seconds.

Umm, 1 minute! I could even take my toddler with me to that appointment! Can you imagine? In and out and no need to pay a babysitter to watch your kid!

Learn more about LensCrafters and schedule an appointment HERE.
To find out if Clarifye is at a location near you CLICK HERE

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