My Life After a Stroke- Peace of Mind with Bay Alarm Medical

This post is sponsored by Bay Alarm Medical but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

A year and a half ago I had a stroke. I was 28.

Now, a year and a half later, the cause is still unknown. In fact, despite the countless CT scans and MRI's and heart checks, doctors still have no idea what caused the clot and subsequent trauma to my brain. The only thing the doctors do know for sure is that my chance of having another stroke is significantly higher; you know, because I've already had one stroke.

The odds of having a stroke at 28 years old without any kind of genetic disposition is pretty small. I didn't smoke, didn't drink (that much), ran regularly and ate healthy. The only two possible contributors, I've concluded, were birth control pills (which I am no longer taking) and anxiety. With this in mind, I've kinda just told myself that there is no way I could get struck by lightening twice... right?

Well, that's what I initially told myself after my stroke. I was living in denial about the reality of my situation- that I had had a stroke and I could have another one. As time has passed, however, the comfortable shade of denial has fallen, being replaced with, yep, anxiety of another stroke.

How will I get help if I'm alone? Or worse, I'm home with Octavian and can't reach my phone, because (just in case you didn't know) often times with a stroke comes difficulty speaking, extreme vertigo, numbness in one side of the body (meaning an inability to walk), and blurred or darkened vision.

Bad news when you can't get help- especially if you're home with a little one who thinks Mommy crawling and falling all over the place is a fun new game.

So, a couple months ago, during a time of super high anxiety seemingly out of nowhere, I admitted to myself (and then to my husband) that I needed a backup source of security in the house, just in case.

Say hello, to my new friend: The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System

After hearing my story, Bay Alarm Medical sent me one of my very own medical alert systems to try for myself.

Yes, I am 30 years old with an emergency alert system in my home and I am totally cool with it. The Bay Alarm Medical System is easy to set up and easy to use I am so very thankful for this new piece of mind.

Your kit comes with a button to wear around your wrist (I love this for bedtime) and a button attached to a necklace. The medical alert system also comes with wall alert buttons to keep low to the ground, just in case I have another stroke and experience nearly complete paralysis of one side of my body and can't stand or walk. These buttons are even waterproof which is great for shower time.

If you've searched for a medical alert system for a loved one (or yourself) in the past, but live in a household without a landline (me me me!), you may have been put off by the thought of setting up (and paying) for a landline. With this Bay Alarm Medical System you have the option of setting up a system linked to either a landline OR a cellular device (yayy!)

So, if you have a friend or loved one who has suffered a stroke (at any age) or would simply benefit from a little extra piece of mind, I highly encourage you to check out The Bay Alarm Medical Alert System.

Better to be safe, than sorry.

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