Italy: Corniglia, Cinque Terre

Kerrie and I spent the least amount of time in the village of Corniglia.  In fact, we nearly skipped it altogether since we had so little time to see the remaining villages. Sitting atop a promontory approximately 100 metres above the sea, we decided the village was too cute to be overlooked (at least I think that's why we decided to go on).

Unlike the other villages of Cinque Terre, Corniglia does not have direct sea access.  To reach the village itself, one must climb the Lardarnia, a long brick flight of steps, or go up by car (or the occasional public bus).  We weren't sure how often buses were running, so we hiked up the hill.  Although I always love a good walk, I hated being so rushed.  

A little word about my traveling style- I'm a goer. I would never travel to another country to sit and relax (unless it's an open-ended trip, then I would make an exception).  This is not to say that I don't enjoy relaxing.  I most definitely do.  However, I can drive a couple hours from home to relax.  When I travel to a new country I am investing in my own self-growth by challenging myself to see/try/do something I have never experienced before.  Solo, with a friend, or the person I love most, traveling is the greatest gift I can give myself (and my child(ren)).  So, in general, if I am faced with the question to do? or not to do? while traveling, I will almost always, do.

Corniglia, was indeed, a lovely little village.  And sadly, that is all I remember about it- except, I think there may have been a popular little gelato place that was said to be very good. Obviously, we did not try it.  Compared to the other villages, Corniglia was calm and emptied of tourists.  For this reason, Corniglia immediately became (and stayed) my very favorite of all the villages.  I would have loved to eat a slow lunch among the locals.  

Maybe next time.

A short walk around the village and down we went.  Short, but sweet.

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