Conversations with Octavian

Current "conversations" with Octavian:
(Please forgive me for my many grammatical mistakes. #priorities)

The other night, like dinner time most nights lately, Octavian was in no mood to eat what I was serving him.  My strong-willed child likes to eat his meals in courses, so I can't simply put everything on his tray or he will get overwhelmed and swipe it all off.  I usually start with a vegetable, then meat, then grain (if we're having some) and end with fruit.  He will almost always eat the meat I am serving, so if he refuses, I know it's a wasted effort to try and force him.  On this particular night, I offered him his favorite right away in the hopes he would eating something...

Me: "Octavian, do you want some blueberries?"
O: Thinking about it, he shakes his head.  "No."
Me: "Ok, what do you want?"
O:  "Wata-baba"
Me:  Wata-baba??  So I ask him again, "What would you like to eat? Do you want blueberries?"
O:  "No, wata-baba!  wata-baba!"
Me:  Ok, kid.  I hear you. "Wata" means water and "baba" means blueberries, so maybe he wants blueberry juice (kefir).  I try one more time, "Do you want blueberry juice? Mama will get you blueberry juice." 
O:  "No No NOOO!  Wata-baba!  Wata-babaaaa!" 
Me: Yep, I'm just gonna go inside and pretend I don't hear you.

I end up bringing him blueberry kefir and blueberry yogurt, because I am convinced he wants blueberries, yet, he wants none of it.  I finally give up and give him a pouch.  The next day, we are reading his 100-first-words picture book and there is a bowl of cereal with raspberries on top.  He points and says, "wata-baba!"  
He wanted raspberries.


Grumpy and tired, I plop my sick toddler down on the couch and read him some books while also trying to be sneaky and shove some chamomile tea down his throat (I exaggerate, kinda) since he hates drinking fluids when he isn't feeling well.  After about 5 minutes, he decides he is over the books and tea and decides that bouncing around on the couch is a much better idea.  Taking a break, he leans on the window sill.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see him smiling at me from ear-to-ear...

O:  "Die Die Die!!!!"  He drops something in the palm of my hand.
Me:  "Oh neat, a fly" 
(he picks the dead fly up between his two fingers, squeezing)  
Me:  "Be gentle, Octavian.  Use gentle fingers.  You don't want to hurt the fly."
(He opens his fingers and tries to catch it in his palm, but it falls onto the couch)
O:  "Ohhhh, nooo.  Die.  Dieee."
(I manage to locate the disassembled body parts and give them back to him.  He immediately sticks the fly between him front teeth and chews)
Me:  "Oh, buddy, yuck! yuck!  We don't eat flies." (I take it from his mouth)
O:  "Why no?  (pause)  mama!"
Me:  Dude, seriously? 

The other afternoon, Octavian was sitting in one of kitchen island chairs while I was busy doing something (I can't recall what, but I can guess it was cleaning).  His new obsession has become my sunglasses, or any sunglasses, so when he noticed my favorite pair of $3 sunglasses sitting right there in the middle of the island, he took full advantage and dove for 'em.  If you've spent much time around a toddler, you know how fast they can move.  Thankfully, I noticed before he got away with them.

Me- Taking back my sunglasses, I say, "Hey, Love, it's important we don't play with Mama's sunglasses, K?"
O-  Trying to get them back, Octavian acknowledges my rhetorical question and says,  "Ya ya... Sun, sun, SUUNNN!  Need sun".
Me- "Sorry, Love. Mama will have to get you a pair of your own one day"
O-   Giving me his serious face, my adorable child demands, "Buy. go buy?" 
Me-  I'm sorry, when did my 22-month-old learn about the concept of capitalism?
O-  "Buy!  Peas (please)?"


Like most mornings, I get him from his crib and bring him in bed with me.  I know none of us will go back to sleep, but I like to imagine that maybe he'll cuddle with me like he did when he was a newborn.  This never happens.  Instead, I usually end up having my nose picked or eye poked.  The other morning he jumped out of bed and while walking to the bedroom door he said,

O- "Get up, Mama...  Get up now, Mama."
Me- I'm sorry, what? Who are you?


Since we're on the topic of cuddling, he has surprised me the past couple days...

This morning, After Aaron was finished with his morning routine, he looked down at Octavian sitting in bed with me and said, "Ok guys, time to get up!  Octavian, tell your Mama to get up and out of bed."  Octavian didn't move, "Octavian, say, 'Mama, time to wake up!' "
(my husband is spoiled and expects me to make him coffee and breakfast)
When my relentless husband asked again, Octavian looked at him and said firmly, "No!"  At the same time, he snuggled in close to me.
All I could think was, Good boy, please never change.

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