18 Pumpkin Recipes to Make this Fall

I think I've mentioned it before, but just in case, I'll say it again...

I really really love pumpkin.  Each year I look forward to seeing and trying new pumpkin recipes.  And not just desserts, either!  In fact, my favorite pumpkin dishes are usually the non-sweet kind.  

I remember when the husband and I were traveling through Malaysia we had the most amazing pumpkin cooked with fish sauce.  Sounds kinda gross, right?  wrong!  It was delicious.  Since then, I've replicated it a couple times and it always brings me back to the tiny little restaurant tucked away from all the tourists.  The owner was the sweetest old man who we later nicknamed "grandpa".  

Yes, I am a big fan of this festive squash.  I feel like I got a late start with pumpkin this year, so I have a lot of making up to do!

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What are some of your favorite pumpkin recipes?

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