19 Desserts I Want to Eat Right Now

Let's talk dessert, shall we?  I don't know about you guys, but put me in front of a chocolate cake (or any cake) and I turn to complete mush.  It's like when someone sees a cute baby, they'll stop, stare and admire the soft and innocent rolls that seem to go on for days.  Me? That's how I feel about cake.  And sometimes, when they're really good, fresh pastries and cookies.  I can't go into fancy supermarkets without spending an hour trying to figure out which cake I want, at which point I get so frustrated, I usually just walk out empty handed.

Growing up, I always preferred baking over cooking.  I have fond memories baking biscotti and scones with my mom in the kitchen when I was in high school; for a short time, baking together was our thing.  Sadly, the baking stopped when I went to boarding school and never really started again.  Instead, I transferred my time in the kitchen to cooking meals.  The only explanation I can give for this switch is that, with cooking, unlike baking, there is more freedom to experiment.  With my limited baking skills, I felt confined.  When I cook, it feels like a blank canvas.  If the end result doesn't turn out right, it's easier to rescue.  With baking, it's not always that easy (and I hate to waste).  With that said, I need to get over these silly imagined limitations and bake more.  Starting now.

See, I am addicted to dessert.  In every other area of my life I eat super healthy and have a lot of self-control, but once my sweet child is tucked away in dream land, I like to take a moment to myself and celebrate with chocolate.  Octavian's bedtime routine consists of bedtime stories, and mine, chocolate.  I know, I know it's all bad for my health, but I'm a grown up and it makes me happy.  

Here are some recipes I would love to try.   Why not, right?

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