Hitting the re-set button

As I mentioned on Instagram, last week was hard.  My poor child not only cut a bottom canine, but also came down with a cold.  You guys, things around here were pretty rough for a few days.  With no friends to play with or planned activities to keep us busy and out of the house, we were both pretty miserable.  My solution would normally be a trip to the park or the zoo, but 100+ degree temperatures kept us indoors.  

I wish I were one of those moms that could read, play blocks, jump around the house or just (somehow) stay "on" all day long, but I can't keep up with that kind of play all day long. In order for me to survive long(ish) periods of "animation play" or high stimulation play, I need buffer zones of pretty much anything other than...that.  A few of my favorites have become random and pointless errands, trips to the park, playdates, blogging, dishes, vacuuming, cooking and driving (thrilling, I know).  Lucky for me, Octavian does play well independently for short periods of time, but the moment I open the dishwasher or go to the garage (or do anything for that matter) his attention is immediately diverted to the dirty sippy cup or opportunity to sit in "mama ca".  When I don't oblige, my happy toddler morphs into a crazy psychopath, throws himself onto the floor or into the wall and carries on with one of his impressive tantrums for the next 20 minutes.  By the time it's over, we're both exhausted and I'm wondering if it's too early for a glass of wine.  

In other words, Octavian and I need activities and friends.  I could make it easy and just throw on the TV, but I have resolved to save Elmo and Nemo for times of complete desperation or the 15 minutes he gets to watch each day before his nap.

Yes, last week was hard.  We survived many many exhausting tantrums, crappy nights of sleep and ran too many unnecessary errands (two Costco trips in 3 days?  yeah, that was us).  And I most definitely broke my limited TV rule...often.  But, I'm happy to say, we survived.  I am hoping for a better week this week.  We're waiting on his last canine, but i'm hoping he will wait to get sick again for at least a week or two.  

....Seriously, though, Aaron is away all week for work training.  Please, universe, go easy on me.

On Saturday, we all hit the re-set button by taking a little family trip to the river.  The temperatures even dropped down into the mid-80s which was a welcome change from the 109 degree temperature Sacramento saw the day before.  Octavian was in heaven playing in the water, and thought it was just the funniest thing ever to throw rocks at his dads feet.  I was happy to just be out of the house with someone else to help chase after the kid.  Watching Octavian and his dad play together is always the highlight of my week.

My wonderful husband took over in the kitchen and prepared homemade pizza for dinner. One caprese pizza and one pesto pizza with capers and salmon. I didn't have to do a thing except eat, lucky me.

On Sunday, Aaron left for LA for business training and won't be back until Friday evening.  My amazing mother-in-law came over in the afternoon to help with Octavian so I could work and prepare for the week.  I was hesitant to ask for the help.  After all, I was fully capable of taking care of Octavian myself, but I needed it for me.  I've been too stubborn to ask for help in the past, and it never ends up well.  I've come to realize, especially since becoming a mom, that everyone needs a little help sometimes.


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