How to Give an Awesome Toddler Birthday Present Under $20

First, I would like to say I am not being paid for this post.  But, give me a dollar section anytime, anywhere, and I'm a happy Mama.  Ok, moving on.

For Octavian's first birthday, one of his good friends gave him a gift bag packed full of goodies from the Dollar Store.  At first, since Octavian was still eating everything (let me rephrase this- everything other than food), I didn't fully appreciate the gift.  A few months later, I pulled the gift out and finally saw its brilliance.  Of course!  What toddler wouldn't want his very own mini broom, dish scrubber or toilet brush?

No toddler, I tell ya.

These magical stores, or sections of stores (ahem, Target) have become my favorite place to shop for Octavian.  Having Octavian around, things tend to break quite often .  If I have a choice, I would much rather he break a $1 piece of junk than a $20 piece of partial junk.  

The other day, as we were heading to a birthday party for one of Octavian's friends, it hit me- why am I not giving a dollar store gift bag?  Since I missed my opportunity for that birthday party, I thought I would write a post and share some ideas with you guys.

Other dollar section treasures:

Spatulas, Wooden Spoons, Whisk, Etc
Baskets, tins and bins- big and small
Alphabet magnets and puzzles
Sand pails and shovels
Plastic tupperware (depending on the child's age, grab a few bags of different beans.  This could easily double as a sorting or counting game)
Poster board
Hats (fire hats, army hats, police hats)   
Train whistle
Face masks
Fairy Wings
Fake insects- spiders, snakes, etc.
Holiday goodies- the Halloween stuff at Target right now is out of control!

The list goes on and on and on...

Oh! They even sell gift bags, cards, and tissue paper for $1!

I say A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

Mostly, have fun with it!  Maybe even let your little one pick out the items he/she wants to give as a gift!

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