Weekend Review

Like most weekends, I woke up on Saturday while Aaron slept in.  Blondie and I did our usual morning routine- milk for him and coffee for me.  While I chugged my coffee, my suddenly super observant toddler noticed that the neighbors had left their front house light on overnight.  The rest of the morning he had to make sure I knew that not only was their light on, but so were our kitchen lights, and bathroom lights etc. by taking my hand and pointing "lie on, lie on".  Once the coffee kicked in, we ran to the market for bagels. My not-so-carb-loving child kept licking off the cream cheese and hand me back the bagel saying "mo peas".  After our breakfast fail, I decided time to wake daddy!  I got to work on house projects, laundry, showering and all that other super exciting stuff that is made possible (or at least a million times easier) when two adults are in the house.  Aaron made his bagel, and, of course, Octavian acted like I had starved him all morning by nearly stealing it from his mouth.  Trader Joe's fed us a delicious tomato and cheese tarte for lunch, while Octavian polished off leftover mac n cheese (the only carbs I can get him to eat), sausage, and oranges.

Like every Saturday, the highlight of the morning was the gardeners visit to our house.  He may as well be Santa Clause- my child is obsessed.

We also had a mini playdate and said farewell to our friends that are moving up to Reno tomorrow.  Margo and I met in college, but lost touch for several years until I discovered we both lived in the Sacramento area.  We both have little Indian babies (although, who can tell?) and will miss our random weekend playdates.  Thank goodness it's only to Reno, and weekend day trips to visit will be a good excuse to get away.

Sunday is my turn to sleep in, and I took full advantage this morning until 9am.  My amazing husband took Octavian on a bike ride, so I was able to drink my coffee and work in peace for 30 minutes until they got home.  I organized our spice cupboard, and, although nothing is labeled and I am probably the only person who knows where to find anything, it is a million times better than before.  Octavian took an amazing nap, I made Aaron his favorite blueberry buttermilk bran muffins (recipe later this week), and Octavian played in some water that ended up watering our plants.  We wrapped up our weekend with chicken vegetable wraps for dinner and as soon as I hit publish on this post, I will be likely stuff my face with chocolate.

Overall it was a pretty great mellow weekend.  Now, that chocolate...

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Week in Review: August 3rd-7th 2015