21 Breakfast Ideas for Kids

If you're a Mom (or Dad) then you know the struggle of feeding a toddler.  Now yes, not all toddlers are picky eaters.  I'm sure there is some child out there that will eat anything put in front of him without complaint, but I won't believe it until I see it with my own two eyes. Now that Octavian is officially a little person, I sometimes have to remind myself that he is indeed,  just that, a person.  A tiny, demanding, adorable human with opinions and cravings (gasp!).  This, in no way, means that I prepare a lineup of breakfast options for him to sample and choose from, that would be crazy. But, I do try to keep his opinions in mind when preparing his food for the day.

Breakfast, the past several months, has been a challenge.  Octavian used to inhale oatmeal, but suddenly one morning he decided he no longer wanted any part of of it.  Since then, breakfast has been an ongoing battle.  Most mornings he is happy eating a bowl of blueberries, but some mornings I'll get lucky and make something he enjoys or feels like eating that day (eggs, zucchini waffles (above), buckwheat berry waffles, blender banana pancakes with jam, sausage (of course), and bagel with cream cheese and turkey (but only when dad feeds him)).  I haven't yet offered sweet breakfast foods like donuts or sugar cereal and plan on holding off for as long as possible.

Here is a collection of breakfast recipes I hope to try and draw inspiration from for future mornings where I am faced with the challenge of feeding my opinionated toddler... (click on image to view recipe)

What are your favorite breakfast recipes?

Benediktbeuern, Germany