Benediktbeuern, Germany

Since I write an entire blog dedicated to my life, it may come as a surprise that I have a really hard time writing about myself.  I was feeling lucky last night and decided to re-write the About section of my blog. It's basically the speed-dating synopsis of my life if I were on the market, which I am not.

Anyway, back to what's interesting...

After traveling through Asia for 6 months, I returned home and wasn't quite sure what to do with myself.  Thankfully, at this point in my life, I had no real commitment keeping me in the US.  Aaron left for India to work with his Dad and I was confused (and pissed that he left). Inspired by another blogger, I decided to go live the dream and work as an Aupair in Germany.  Just as I did when I learned about the possibility of attending boarding school in high school, I jumped right in to the idea of moving to Germany.  And, just like boarding school, I made it happen- as soon as possible.

Within just a few months I had found my host family, picked a date and bought my plane ticket.  I had spoken with several families all over Europe, but settled on this family due to their location.  I looked to Aaron for guidance on where to call home for a year. 

Germany, he said

Now, in case you're wondering-we were still engaged and had no plans to split, but the separation was a battle and one I hope to never experience again.

So, Germany it was.  When I told him where in Germany I would be living (and he would be visiting) his excitement was obvious.  I didn't understand why.  I looked up the address on Google Earth, and all I could see were tiny little villages and big areas of open farmland.  What would I do all day (aside from my job, obviously)?

The drive to Benediktbeuern from Munich is only 45 minutes.  When my host Mom picked me up from the airport and drove me to their village, I immediately learned why Aaron was so excited for me.  Traveling to Bavaria is like floating off to a fairy-tale land.  The tiny village buildings are so well maintained and respected, making sure each windowsill is lined with flowers (come springtime).  When I arrived, the mountains were still capped with snow.  Come spring, the fields bloomed with a sea of yellow and purple wild flowers.  For several months, two horse friends lived just outside my window.  My entire life I had dreamed of waking up to horses outside my window! All I had to do was move to Germany to make it happen!

Life in Benediktbeuern went a little like this...  Fancy a beer with lunch?  Just ride your bike down the road to the Monastery where your kids can run and play (with the dog) while you drink beer and wait for your food.  Want to go for a hike?  Just walk out your front door, down the street, and up into the Alps.  Need to cool off with a swim?  Ride your bike down the road to the pond in the middle of the field, get naked, and jump in.  Don't worry, it's totally normal.  Or, drive down the road in any direction a kilometer or two, you'll likely come across a gorgeous mountain lake in no time.  Craving some fresh baked rolls and pretzels with breakfast, don't worry, the bakery is two doors down.  Feel like getting away?  The train stop is just down the road and only takes 45 minutes to get to Munich.

Seriously.  This was real life.

Everything was perfect except for one very big thing, I was there to work as an Aupair to a 9 and an 11-year-old that didn't really need an Aupair.  Let's just say, expectations from me and my host Mom were very different.  But, I will save the Aupair post for a different day. Let's just stay in dreamland, shall we?

Have you been to Bavaria?  Or any place in the world that you wish you could visit again?

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