15 Healthy Weeknight Dinners

Eating healthy meals at any time of the week is a challenge, but lately, for some reason, I am finding week days to be much more challenging. I'm going to blame it on the busy days I have planned to keep Octavian and me entertained and enriched since we both tend to go a little crazy we we sit at home for too long.  On top of full days, dinner time is usually set between 530-6pm.  Since my husband works until at least 5pm (usually later) backup entertainment besides the television isn't available (since, of course, the second I start cooking his toys are the last thing he wants, and I instantly become the coolest person on the planet- cutting up chicken while holding a toddler is impossible. I've tried).

Since we rarely eat out, I've been making large batches of vegetables and chicken on the grill and eat them throughout the week-in wraps, salads, etc.  But, we need a change before I never want another chicken salad again.  I also need to get creative and get some vegetables in Octavian.

Here are some recipes that look both delicious and healthy.  Hopefully they  will inspire me to spice up my weekly meal plan and maybe, just maybe, get Octavian to eat a vegetable or two!  (click on image to be directed to site and recipe).

Do you have any favorite healthy weeknight dinners?  Leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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