O Organics Kombucha at Safeway


I remember way back when I was in college hearing about Kombucha from a friend- I was in the middle of midterms and wanted a drink that was bubbly and refreshing, but wasn't packed with tons of added sugar. She suggested I try Kombucha.  What is Kombucha?  Kombucha is any form of fermented and sweetened black or green tea drinks.  So how do you get Kombucha?  You ferment tea using a "symbiotic colony" of bacteria and yeast, also known as SCOBY.  These bacteria and yeast are good guys that we want in our bodies to help protect us from the bad bacteria.

You might ask, why not just make your own Kombucha?  Well, we've tried.  And it was a smelly, time consuming disaster.  It is harder than it looks!  So, we decided we would stick with store bought.

When possible, and for the important items, I always shop organic.  Lately, I have also been reading labels for non-GMO products.  With a growing little boy and two growing old adults in the house, making sure we eat healthy has become my primary concern.  I was super excited when I heard about Albertson Safeways new line of O Organics Kombucha.  I already shop all the O Organic foods that you can find throughout their store, but hooray!  Now, they have Kombucha.

Their O Organics Kombucha is made with USDA Organic ingredients (which means no yucky GMOs or artificial additives).  And each bottle contains more than two BILLION probiotic organisms as well as live kombucha cultures (which makes for a very happy tummy).  These awesome bottles of goodness are also up to a dollar less than the competitor which makes my wallet (and husband) very happy, too.  The best part? They come in six new flavors to choose from!

Ginger Lemon
Mango Mint
Pomegranate Hibiscus Lime
Cranberry Peach
Raspberry Black Currant

I tried several flavors, but Guava was my favorite.  It was light and refreshing, plus guava is my all-time favorite fruit.  These drinks are the perfect go-to beverage when you want something that is sweet and bubbly, but isn't jam packed with sugar and artificial flavors.  I feel good after drinking a bottle of O Organics Kombucha, and that is something I cannot say about many (if any!) flavored drinks.

Have you tried kombucha?  What's your favorite flavor?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Safeway. The opinions and text are all mine.

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