The other morning Octavian and I ventured away from the familiar and played at a new park.  Since there are so many parks where we live, we are fortunate enough to be picky about the ones we will visit over and over.  Shortly after moving, we quickly established a few favorites and have since remained faithful players-of-the-playground.  But, I decided it was time for a change- or, at the very least, a new addition to the list of favorites.  I looked up a park that met most of my requirements:

Within a few miles (since my child loves to fall asleep in the car)
Older kid and younger kid play structures
Newer is better (we are very spoiled)
5+ acres (since Octavian likes to wander)
Partially fenced-in (to discourage wandering)
Bathrooms (huge bonus, but very rare)

It is a rare day to find a park that checks off every box on this list, but the other morning we got lucky!  Being one of the smaller parks (but still pretty big), it was completely empty, so the kids had full reign of the place.  Aside from the vomit in one of the swings (which I cleaned up because Octavian just HAD to swing) and the disappearance of one of his favorite (and most expensive) sippy cups, it was the perfect morning for a park playdate.  Seriously, though, we looked everywhere for that cup and still couldn't find it.

Moving from a city with very few parks, to a city with more than I can visit, was the best surprise about our entire move.  Now, if we ever get bored,  I'm meeting up with a mom, or I want to wear my kid out, we just go to the park.  Parks also attract lots of younger families, which really helped me make friends and branch out when I didn't know one person.

If you're a mom, you probably don't need to be sold on the beauty of parks when you have little kids.  So please, forgive my ramblings.  But, i've seen the other side of life without parks (or so few that they are always overflowing), and life is so much better with them!

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