Weekend Snaps

This weekend Octavian oversaw the lawn maintaince.  It bought me at least 10 minutes of independent play, so I sat back and watched as he pretended to be the gardener with his mini rake and lawnmower. Yard work works up an appetite!  Octavian insisted on cooking us a feast in his mini kitchen, being sure to let us know the stove is "hot, hot, hot" and the microwave beeps when it's ready.  He got some clothes in the mail, too, but reminded me clothes are lame and boxes are where it's at these days.

We met another couple and their kiddos at the food truck mania event taking place at a park not far from our house.  Octavian put his best face forward...not.  After splashing around in the water and devouring his first real meal in days, he turned his frown up-side-down and played nice.  Little red firefighter hats may have also helped.  When I wouldn't let him run free around the crowds of people, he thought it would be fun to hide in the tall grass.  Game over, kiddo, time for bed.

The highlight of the weekend was the very annoying alarm going off it the other room at 4am... that never stopped.  Just in case there is any confusion, that alarm clock was my child.  Teething?  maybe.  Whatever it is, I am so over all this night-waking business. I guess I should have seen it coming, rather than giving me a kiss at bedtime, he gave me a little smack instead. I really wanted to believe it was a high-five, but nope, he was warning me. Thanks, kid. And, although It was my morning to sleep in, my sweet little alarm decided he only wanted me around. When I tried to walk away he would just cry and cry.  Awesome.  Thankfully, Aaron snuck him out for a bike ride and I snuck in an hour nap.  I gave him chicken as part of his lunch, but all he wanted was the "kin kin" (skin), so I think he ate half the skin off an entire chicken.  Not to worry, he did have some mac n cheese and raspberries to complete lunch (on days like this I pick my battles).  Aaron taught him to say, "chill out, mama" and I am getting flashes of my future with these two ganging up on me (I hate when my husband tells me to chill out).  I dressed Octavian in a blue polo and khaki shorts and immediately saw a mirror of his Grandfather.  Seriously scary, it just had to be recorded.  My terrible nighttime sleeper took a 3.5 hour nap.  Thanks, sweet son of mine, but let's leave the extra long sleep for nighttime.  We ran errands, ate dinner, showered and will hopefully have a great night sleep all around.  No, seriously....I'm starting to fell like the walking dead over here.

Happy Monday!

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