When we moved to the city of parks at the end of January I worried how I would find friends for Octavian to play with and mom friends to help me stay sane.  Did such a mom/kiddo duo even exist? because, let's be real, finding mom friends really is like dating...but harder.  It's not just about the moms or just about the kids, we all have to like each other.  And once it's established that we're all cool, do our schedules work together?  Because if your kid naps at noon and my kid naps at 2pm, well we're going to have some problems planning anything past 10am. 

Our first playdate was with Tayler and her daughter, Avery.  Before I even moved, I posted a message in the local FB mom group essentially begging for friends.  Tayler immediately friend requested me, sent me a message, and explained that she had just moved too.  We had another month before we were due to move, but I was so thankful for her enthusiasm anyway. The night we moved in (yep, I was jumping right in!), I made the same post again, and thank goodness Tayler messaged me again! After a month of crazy, I had completely forgotten about our pending playdate.  

Later that week we met at a nearby park and learned that, not only were our kids on the same schedule, but we also lived just a mile from each other.  Octavian and Avery played well together- which, at 15 months old, doesn't mean a whole lot.

Once or twice a week park playdates escalated into playtime nearly every day and into a real friendship.  It's been years since I've had an actual girlfriend. I didn't realize how nice it is to have at least one person who I can talk with about just about any and every thing.

Octavian has also grown quite affixed to "mama t" and "lala" (Avery).  It's been exciting to see their friendship change and grow over the past 6 months.  They are no longer the babies they were 6 months ago when they first met- unsteady little people who hardly noticed each other. Now they chase, play and talk with each other. Octavian still steals Avery's food, but now she fights back, and frequently shouts "Tamian, NO!" whenever he comes near her and her snacks. And now, whenever I ask him if he wasn't to go to the park or the play gym, his first question is, "mama t?  lala?".  I didn't know it was possible for a toddler to get so attached, but I'm so thankful he has special people (other than family) in his life.

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