I should have bought a label maker years ago + A Giveaway

Having a crazy toddler to chase around often leaves my brain feeling like a pile of mush by the end of the day.  After moving into our new house, I decided to help my future frazzled brain out and get organized. I've teamed up with Brother P-touch to show you guys some of my favorite get-organized kitchen projects!

The first space I wanted to tackle was the kitchen work area.  It took abut three seconds of living in the house for the husband and me to claim it as our junk pile.  We've always had a place like that somewhere in our house (what to do with all that random loose change and lost bobby-pins...and shoes?).  So, I had to get our crap together and organize.  Brother gifted me with one of their P-touch label makers and I got started.

I knew I needed a file box to store all our receipts, stamps, envelopes and important mail in, but I didn't want just plain yellow folders.  So, I picked up some scrapbook paper, file folders, scissors and glue sticks and made my own.  The most helpful part for me was the label maker.  I am a wee-bit particular (ahem, crazy) when it comes to my handwriting, especially in cases where I have to look at it over and over. Having the label maker made an otherwise stressful part of the project thoroughly enjoyable.  The label maker offers different color tape, fonts, borders and other fun options to either dress-up or dress-down your labels.  I'm boring and like to keep things simple.  So, a simple font on white tape made my creative (or not so creative?) juices happy.

The next part of the work area I wanted to tackle were the two desk drawers.  Quickly stuffed with papers, receipts, mail, etc., these drawers were a disaster.  Anything that I wanted out of sight, I stuffed in these two drawers.  

I purchased a bamboo organizer and figured out what I actually wanted organized and stashed away. For me, this included- rubber bands, bandaids, batteries, spare change, tape, crayons, label tape, etc.  I knew that despite the divider, things wouldn't stay in the proper place with a husband and toddler in the house. Labels were the perfect solution to keep everyone in the house responsible for keeping things organized (except for the toddler, maybe).  This project took all but 10 minutes! 

The final part of my kitchen work area makeover included a recipe binder.  Although Pinterest has been my resource for new recipes, I still print out and keep new recipes I love, or old recipes given to me by my mom.  In less than 5 minutes, my recipes were organized and in one place.  And, once again saving me from obsessing over my handwriting, I printed labels with my P-touch label maker in a fun pink color.

The final touches to the kitchen workspace included a giant desktop calendar (which has also become the place where I jot down Octavian's milestones that take place that month), a basket for Octavian's shoes (convenient and out of reach- for now), some pretty flowers, and most importantly, a bowl for chocolates.

This project was so easy and super inexpensive!  We now have a place to keep track of weekly activities and sit when we need to get work done but don't need to use the office.

I continued organizing my kitchen and moved on to an open space under my kitchen island (under the sink would have also worked well).  This space was being used to store my mixer and lids for my pots and pans. After some rearranging, I decided I would use this new open space to store paper bags, sponges, dishwasher and hand soap, dirty kitchen towels, plastic bags, cleaning rags, and sippy cups.

First, how was I going to store all this stuff?  Plain, plastic wastebaskets worked perfectly for the plastic bags and dirty dishrags.  Small plastic baskets fit in front of the wastebaskets and would hold the cleaning rags and sippy cups.  And a larger plastic tub was the perfect size for all my paper shopping bags that I use to collect recycling.  Last, I found a two-tier sliding basket organizer for all the soap and sponges.  To label the baskets I printed labels and stuck them on simple gift tags.  For the plastic tub holding the paper bags and the plastic wastebaskets I printed labels paired with some fun tape, and viola! no more mess!

My next project was the pantry.  I love love love my pantry, but it really needed to be sorted and organized. When moving into our house everything was basically thrown on the shelves.  Finding what I needed, when I needed it, was impossible.  Using my Brother P-touch label maker, I made tags for each basket and bin and turned the pantry into a space that is not only functional, but also pretty.  Ironically, the person that has appreciated the pantry makeover the most has been my husband.  Sweet man has complimented and thanked me on many occasions.

My final project was labeling the clear canisters I have filled with dry goods- beans, flour, pasta, etc.  I use several different flours when I bake, so having these labeled was especially helpful since I am always forgetting which is which.  The labels are easy to peel off, so in the future when I need to use the canisters for something else I can easily replace it with a new label.

There are so many other uses for a label maker- I often print labels and stick them on leftover tupperware containers to keep track of leftovers, and my next project is tackling the spice drawer.

Do you have a label printer?  What are some of your favorite projects?

Enter to win your own P-touch label maker HERE!  Good luck!