The past several months have been crazy, and, to be honest, blogging hasn't really even been on my radar of things to accomplish.  I know, story of my life.  So here's the short version of what's been happening...

 Aaron was offered a new job back in November and he accepted!  This opportunity set off a chain of changes that were both equally exciting and scary.  The first, and biggest, would be moving to a new city about 45 minutes from where we had been living the past several years.  At first, I was looking forward to a fresh start in a new place and a new (much bigger) house.  But, once the house was picked and the moving date set, the excitement shifted to stress and sadness.  The simple stress of everything that goes into moving- the packing, organizing and cleaning compounded by doing it all with a very active toddler felt like a lot.  And sadness to move away from the familiar- the house I brought Octavian home to after he was born, the river (oh the river!) and the 5 minute drive to my mother-in-laws house.  

To make things even harder I rang in the new year (quite literally) with the start of the worst anxiety and insomnia I have ever experienced.  While I have had my fair share of depression and anxiety issues in the past, it has been several years since it has reared it nasty head and decide to completely derail my life.  Without going into details (i'll save that for another post), I spent 7 weeks living in fear of the night, knowing I wouldn't sleep.  Minutes would turn into hours as I lay in bed wishing for a sleep that wouldn't come.  The flood of anxiety was too strong.  It was hell.  After the move, I finally went to the doctor and started up on meds.  I never thought that I would need medication again and still find myself struggling to accept this necessary reality.  

Since the hubs started his new job, Octavian is now all mine all day.  We were all very fortunate to have Aaron home for Octavian's first year, and it took a few weeks to adjust to this change.  Fortunately, we moved to a city filled with young families and parks on every street.  I made it my mission to find some buddies for Octavian, and more importantly, some mom friends for me.  Although the river is no longer in our backyard, our new location is, without a doubt, a better place for Octavian and me (at least for now).

The past few months also saw some work changes for me, two date nights with the hubs, date night with a new friend, 6 new teeth (including 4 molars), frequent jogs, a trip to the zoo, river and nature preserve, lots and lots of first words, tantrums, playdates, and hours spent at the local parks.

So there it is.  A peak into the past three months since I know you were all dying to know (insert sarcasm).  

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