My sweet Octavian is two years old today.  Two whole years.  This past year I have watched with such wonder and pride as my sweet boy transformed from a little baby into a busy, curious and loving toddler.

How did I get so lucky?

Octavian loves to play, chase or just run run run.  He can happily entertain himself, but will take you by the hand and let you know when he wants a friend to play with him.  Watching the landscapers mow, rake and weed-eat will entertain him for hours.  He loves to help and will happily maintain our yard (for free!) with his very own lawnmower and rake.  He is finally eating carbs.  "Macawoni n tea" is his favorite.  He almost always sleeps through the night unless he is teething or sick (only his 2-year molars left) and naps between 1.5-3 hours.  He talks in full sentences and repeats just about everything I say.

More than anything, he is such a sweet and gentle little boy.  He has never hit or pushed from anger or frustration, and if he sees that I am hurt he makes sure to give me a big kiss and cuddles.  A baby who once hated cuddling, now can't get enough.  For a two-year-old he listens most of the time and (with a little reminding) always uses his manners.

This little boy has filled my heart with a love so warm, deep and intense; he is my everything.

Happy Birthday, Love Bug.


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