Octavian experienced the excitement of Halloween for the first time last night.  Although he did get dressed up in a dragon costume last year and I snapped a few pictures (which were adorable) it didn't feel like Halloween.  I was still recovering from the 1-year sleep regression (thanks to this sleep regression I questioned if I could have a second child for a very long time) and we lived in a community with no kids so no trick-or-treaters.  

I spent a lot of time last Halloween thinking back to the year before.  I was two days from my due date and very ready to meet my sweet boy. The leaves were falling and the air was crisp.  The husband and I put our computers and phones aside and watched Ghost Busters together on the couch, under one blanket (I have no idea why we chose that movie).  Even before Octavian was born it was rare for us to put technology aside and just be with each other (ok yes, and the television), and now, it's even rarer.  For some reason this memory and this night has stuck with me for a long time.  It was one of our last nights together as a family of two. Just 36 hours later my water broke.  

While I feel like I was still settling into my new life as a Mom with a (almost) toddler (yes, that first year was hard for me) on Halloween last year, this year I know I'm right where I should be.  

My plan to dress my wild one as an pilot backfired when California decided to grace us with temperatures in the mid-80s.  I couldn't put him in a hot jacket.  He's loved wearing his camo helmet around the house and in the back yard the past couple days. As I was getting dinner ready he asked to play outside to mow the lawn (his favorite).  I obliged. 

"Uh oh!" he said, "hemet, hemet!  NEED hemet!"

So there he was, white onesie and camo Dollar Tree helmet.  And then he put on his boots...

Sure, why not?  I thought.  He's comfortable and happy and can still get away without wearing pants.

He was so excited!!  Although he had no idea what Halloween meant, as soon as he saw all the kids outside, he was ready!  We walked around for over an hour before coming home.  He successfully said "trick-or-treat" at one house, but always said "tank you!".  

He held my hand the whole time.

The only candy Octavian has ever had is a mini Kit-Kat that he managed to get his hands on without my knowing.  To keep him clueless about candy for as long as possible (or at least restricted to Kit-Kat) I brought along a bowl of blueberries to distract him with whenever he wanted candy.  I had planned to give him a kit-kat bar at the end of the night, but he forgot about it.  In the case of toddlers and candy, ignorance is bliss.  Besides, getting through the grocery store checkout is hard enough,

I hope you had a Happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend!

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Bread

Happy Halloween!