The Learning Tower (aka the best thing ever)

There have been very few products I have received and purchased since becoming a mother that I have found essential to not just my child's survival, but also my sanity. 

The Learning Tower by Little Partners is one of those items.

Little Partners kindly gifted me with one of their Learning Towers to review and share my thought here with you guys.

I first learned about the learning tower before I even got pregnant.  My cousin purchased one for her little girl.  When I first saw it all I could think was, what is this thing taking up so much space?  There is no way I will need this when I have kids.

ha ha ha.  Oh my how perspective changes when you have children of your own.

Fast-forward a couple years and there I was with a mischievous 18-month-old that wants to see everything I am doing in the kitchen all the time.  His curiosity led to standing on chairs he shouldn't have or demanding to be held as I tried to chop chicken for dinner.  It was dangerous and exhausting.  Opportunities for learning almost always ended in tears and whining.

While at a playdate I found myself in the kitchen and there it was, the Learning Tower.  I realized it was the solution to our kitchen drama.  Seeing it with my new mommy eyes, I finally understood this vital piece of furniture.  As it sat in my friends kitchen it screamed to me, safety! Safety!

I needed it.

When we received the box in the mail I couldn't wait to tear it open and set it up.  My husband had it put together and set up within 10 minutes- I could have set it up myself, but my husband loves that sort of thing.   The first thing I noticed was its solid construction.  Made out of birch and poplar, there is absolutely NO particle board, so I trust my child's weight (or my own) on it completely.  It has 4 adjustable height settings, which is perfect for growing kiddos!

Most important, my child LOVES it!  And he's stopped climbing all over unsteady barstools or up my leg.  It's heavy and sturdy enough to support my active toddler, but easy enough to push around the kitchen so he can always see what I'm doing.  It's now one of his favorite spots in the whole house that is is own.

 It is Octavian's space.  

Every morning after we read some stories, he hops in the Learning Tower and watches me make breakfast while he reads a book or drinks his milk.  Since he is starting to outgrow his highchair, it has also become his breakfast spot.  And thanks to this magical structure, getting him to eat breakfast has become less of a struggle.

He loves to watch me cook and prepare food.  Before, I had to set him on the island where I would worry about him falling off or grabbing a knife.  Now, safely confined by safety rails, he can get up close to all the cooking action without the freedom to lunge forward at a knife or the stove (scary stuff, I know).  

Octavian isn't the only fan.  Each of his friends love it, too.  In fact, it's become the unofficial snack eating spot when his buddies come over to our house for playdates.

So, if you have a crazy, adventurous toddler at your house like I do, who wants to be part of the action all the time, I cannot speak more highly of the Learning Tower.  Octavian is still wild and into everything, of course, but now we can coexist in the kitchen together happily.  He is safe, can see everything I'm doing and I can get stuff done!  

Miracles really do happen.

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