Octavian, 23 months

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may know that this boy is just one month away from being a 2-year-old.  Becoming a mother has brought such a bitter-sweet tangle of emotions that come with the passing of time.  

  • Octavian is my little parrot.  He repeats everything;  And will usually continue to repeat it over and over and over.  We have full conversations, which usually make no sense at all, but we don't mind.
  • He still sleeps in his crib thanks to his sleep-sac which is now zipped up inside-out since my clever little escape artist figured out how to get out.  He usually sleeps from 730pm to 630am and naps from around noon to 2pm.  He now has four lovies, two bibs and two blankets, and needs each of them when he sleeps (his words).  And since we're on the topic of sleep, I overheard my car-sleeping child mumble in his sleep the other night, "gawdna, gawdna... lawnmowa".  
  • Which brings me to my next point about my 23-month-old.  He is still obsessed with the landscaper and his many tools and machines.  Many of our more serious nonsense conversations revolve around the "gawdna" and whether he will be coming to visit. Sometimes, we kill time by walking around the neighborhood listening for the rumble of the lawnmower so he can stop and say hello.  He has his own little lawnmower and rake and he takes lawn maintaince very seriously.  Just this afternoon I saw him "twimmin" the bushes outside by literally pulling out the branches.  He came running inside saying, "bow bow bow" (translation-I trimmed, now I need to blow them away).
  • Octavian plays independently very well.  As long as he isn't sick (which is about half the time) or teething (which is all the time), then he will fly solo for a good chunk of time.  But seriously, sometimes he will get really quiet and I'll assume that he must be up to no good.  I'll walk around the corner preparing myself for the worst and there he'll be, sitting in his tent, reading. At which point, thanks to me, he'll be distracted and want attention.
  • He is still all carnivore.  Although, he is getting more adventurous with carbohydrates and will now eat things like quesadillas with cheese, bagels with cream cheese, pizza, or mac n cheese (basically anything with just cheese and a carb and we're good).
  • He loves to play outside in the dirt, mud, bushes, water.  Extended periods of time indoors and I have a very cranky toddler on the loose destroying the house.  One of his favorite things is pulling out the silverware from the drawer and spreading them throughout the house.  I've been lazy and have yet to think of a better solution.  I rarely raise my voice, mostly because I try to save that for when he does something that really warrants the warning, but also because he thinks it's funny.  How does one respond to that?  But yes, my son was made to be outside. Show him a bug or a slug and you've made his life.
  • As with most toddlers, Octavian is always dirty.  Sometimes I get embarrassed by my snot, dirt and blueberry juice covered child, but keeping him clean all the time is just too hard.  No matter how hard I try, something always has to be on his face or smeared on his clothes.
  • He loves to sing!  The Beatles, Bob Marley, George Harrison, the Elmo Song... give him a tune and he will sing along.
  • He is not interested in coloring or painting- unless by coloring you mean break and eat the crayons.  Maybe one day.
  • I am happy to say that he has not yet entered into the pushing or hitting stage of growing up.  He has taken his fair share of hits and shoves by some of his closest playmates, but he has never pushed back.  He always just walks away.  I hope he continues with kindness.
  • Speaking of kindness, I have a sensitive one.  Let me explain- when we are home and Octavian gets hurt, big or small, he usually runs to me and asks me to give his "boo boo" a kiss.  Now, whenever Mama gets hurt, he says, "Oh no, mama!  Kess kess" and he will either give me a kiss, or, more likely, waits for me to give him a kiss.  At lunch today, I hit my toe and said "ouch!".  I was just putting food on Octavian's tray, and like every other meal, he was whining until he finally decides to put a bite in his mouth.  I walked inside to get his water (we eat outside), and I heard him shouting something but I couldn't understand what.  I finally realized he was crying "kess, kess, kess, KESS" over  and over.  He was practically in tears.  He gave me a big kiss, stopped whining and started eating.  He loves me afterall.
  • He says "I lob ou" and it is the sweetest sound I have ever heard in my whole life.
  • He is nowhere near potty training.  He sometimes tells me when he has gone "poo poo" but that's about it.  I'm not worried.  I will not be rushing the potty department.
  • He does not like long car trips unless he is sleeping.  So, we try to time car trips that are more than 45 minutes for nap-time.  Just the other day, we were driving 4 miles from our house and I was ready to rip my ears off by the end of the trip.  The amount of times he said "Mama" for no reason at all, but in such a way that I was convinced he needed something.  "Mama" was often followed by a good 10 seconds of obnoxious whining and then it was "mama?...mama?...mama?..." all over again.  Dada was in the car, too.  I guess octavian forgot.

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