Happy Halloween!

This holiday season has crept up on me this year.  The past several months I've been busy busy, so the days feel like hours and weeks feel like days.  I'm starting to think this officially means I'm getting old (that and the wrinkles on my face, but those don't bother me as much).  

Tomorrow is Halloween and the official start of the holiday season.  The past several years I've had a neutral outlook on the holidays, but this year, I'm feeling more excited.  Having a brighter home to decorate and curious little toddler may have a lot to do with my change in perspective.  Having a toddler that almost always sleeps through the night is also a huge help.

I planned on getting Octavian pj's to wear trick-or-treating, but apparently, you have to shop for them back in August or September, because I could not find any, anywhere.  After searching a couple other stores, I found cute dinosaur costume for him to wear, and then I realized there is no way he will keep this thing on his body, and I hate wasting money.  I needed a plan B.

Then I thought, ok, Jessica, just give in and buy him an Elmo costume, who cares that it's a commercialized character.  He'll love it.  It was settled then, costume problem solved.  Well, this was this morning.  Too bad for us, Amazon Prime only has free two day shipping (cue sarcasm) and would get here on Sunday.  Mom fail.

Looking through his clothing, I remembered I had just purchased a new fake brown leather jacket for him from Target.  I always thought it looked a lot like a pilots jacket and debated about whether I should keep it or not.  Deciding to keep it, Octavian will be a "pilot" for Halloween this year and I won't have to fight with him to keep on an itchy costume.  Next year I will remember to start planning for Halloween pj's and costumes back in June.  Which reminds me, I better get our matching Christmas jammies now.

The husband decided to carve pumpkins with our crazy pumpkin this year.  Octavian had no interest in the carving process, but loved walking around with the pumpkin top and knife in his hand (don't worry, he was heavily supervised).  He had just woken up from his nap so his hair was crazy and he was still in his sleepy clothes.  Aaron asked him to pick out which pumpkin he wanted him to carve from his book.

He picked the kitty cat.  

Happy Halloween, Everyone!  I hope you have a fun and safe weekend!


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