18 Comforting Pasta Dishes to Make this Autumn

I don't think I've ever met anyone who didn't love pasta.  When I serve myself a big bowl of pasta, I am instantly transported back to childhood pasta nights when my mom would make homemade fettuccine alfredo or my dad would make a big pot of marinara sauce with sausage.  I do not come from an Italian family and I know for a fact that all our noodles and marinara sauce were always store bought, but as a kid they were some of my favorite meals (besides, having two single working parents, I am still impressed that I wasn't fed more fast food).  They were meals that brought us together, despite each of our very conflicting schedules (I am the middle child).  

Now, as an adult, pasta nights are still some of my favorite dinners.  We usually keep our pasta sauce simple, light, full of vegetables and always topped with cheese .  Unfortunately, Octavian does not like tomato sauce, otherwise we would be eating pasta much more often.  

So, I started thinking... wait, there is more to pasta than just tomato or cream sauce.

Why in the world have I been limiting myself to just two sauces?  I scanned through my food boards on Pinterest and realized I have been missing out!  There are so many wonderful ways to dress up pasta.  You don't even need sauce.  With the right herbs and a few vegetables, maybe a little cheese, you'll be good to go.  Now, if only I could make my own noodles...

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Homemade Cinnamon Apple Sauce

Octavian, 23 months