Pumpkins 2015

Last year we went to the pumpkin patch that Aaron grew up going to each year. We could ride a tractor out to the pumpkin fields to pick our own pumpkin or grab one from the pre-gathered pumpkin piles.  It was a small family-run pumpkin patch perfect for little kids to run around and play.  Octavian was just starting to stand on his own.

We thought we would keep with tradition and go back there this year, but when we drove down the long dirt road we saw no pumpkins, no tractor and no kids.  They were closed.  What!? No pumpkins!

Thankfully, we were with Nana and she remembered another pumpkin patch close by.

I didn't grow up in the country.  When we went as kids to pick carving pumpkins, this usually meant a trip to a vacant lot on the side of the freeway filled with pumpkins brought in for us suburban folk to buy.  The pumpkin patch last year with a tractor ride was a treat, but this year, well, this pumpkin patch was like going to a state fair.  There were food trucks, bouncy houses, a corn maze, a haunted house, a petting zoo, train ride, tractor ride, face painting, etc.  We did not partake in any of these activities (thank goodness Octavian is still too little really want any of it) but it still took nearly two hours to see it all.

Strangely, he was least interested in the pumpkins.  In fact, I had to practically beg him to pick one up.  But the rusty old lawn mower, well, he would have stared and pointed and shouted "mowa! mowa! lamowa!" all afternoon if we let him.  He was also really into the chickens.

Due to his lack of enthusiasm toward the pumpkins, we decided to head home empty handed.  We already had two large carving pumpkins sitting and waiting at home and we did not need another.  However, if we could have gotten a good deal on the lawnmower, Octavian would have probably talked his way into bringing that home.

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