My Favorite Daytrip Backpack and Other Thoughts

This weekend we took advantage of the warm temperatures and made a trip out to our favorite spot along the Mokelumne River.  The husband is leaving this weekend on business for a week, so I'm guessing it was our last opportunity to enjoy the water before it gets too cold. Oh wait, just kidding.  I just looked at the 10 day forecast and it appears jokes on me since temperatures in the 80s and 90s are sticking around.  I keep hearing all this talk about this year being the next big El Nino, but I have yet to see any sign of him.

On one side, I am completely dreading the rain.  Living in California and drinking its water I feel very guilty saying this.  I mean, its no secret that California is in serious trouble if we don't have a wet winter.  But, being a mom to a toddler who spends more than half his waking hours outdoors places me in quite the predicament when real rain comes.  I'm not talking about the on and off drizzle; some water and little puddles don't bother me.  In fact, I encourage Octavian to play outside when it rains.  But I remember El Nino of 1997 and there was nothing little about it.  It was always dark, streets turned to rivers, I was always sick and when I wasn't in school, I was at home, indoors.  I was in middle school, an age where outdoor, high energy play wasn't as critical to my development (or my mothers sanity) as it is for a 2-year-old.

And seriously, what will my gardening-obsessed child do?  How will he mow and rake and trim the bushes?  Any amazingly warm raincoats out there?  I already know that there is no getting between my child and his lawnmower.  I guess that means I'll need a rain jacket, too.

The Mokelumne River is a short 40 minute drive from where we live.  Somehow, my husband found this exact location while exploring our area on google maps one night.  Seriously, anyone else have a husband that can find anything just by looking on a map?  I would have seen the river on the map, of course, but it didn't appear to have public access.  Yes, somehow, my husband just knew.

I brought along my new favorite backpack gifted to me by the awesome company Humble Hilo.  The founders, Lauren and Erika, created Humble Hilo due to their passion for fashion and philanthropy.   Humble Hilo offers beautiful handmade bags and sandals created using unique Guatemalan textiles.  Each product purchased not only supports a family in need of employment, but also donates a portion of all proceeds to directly benefit and support projects in child nutrition, education and literacy for women and micro-finance loans for women to start their own small business.

Humble Hilo has tons of styles to choose from- backpacks, weekenders, satchels and in all sorts of different colors and fabrics.  I was looking for a backpack that would be ideal for longer daytrips with the kiddo.  It's the perfect size and exactly what I need.  Pockets for snacks, my sunglasses and keys, water bottles and sippy cups, my wallet, a change of clothes and shoes for the kid, diapers, and wipes.  There is also a laptop sleeve.  And there was room to spare!  

While I don't always want so much space to fill, there are also situations where I need it.  And, when you have a toddler, that often means the difference between carrying one or two bags.  Since I know I'll end up carrying him by the end of the day, one bag is always better than two.

I love love this backpack.  Roominess aside, it's also comfortable and cute.  It will be the perfect diaper bag once baby#2 comes around.  It even comes with 2 stroller straps (and I didn't have to buy them separately!).

Octavian spent the afternoon watching his dad try to catch us dinner (we would have starved if we were left to the wild), throwing rocks and transferring rocks that lay outside of the river back into the water.  We were each doing one of our favorite activities (I was taking the photos).  It was the perfect Saturday afternoon with my two favorite boys.

Head over to Humble Hilo and check out their awesome products and projects they support!

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