our very very long day

This morning, Octavian decided 612am would be a good time to wake up.  Without looking at the monitor, I knew he was still tired based on how vigerously he was sucking his thumb.  Before he had too much time to wake up, I decided I would try to nurse him and put him back to sleep.  This usually works if it's before 6am, but 612am would be risky.  I could potentially be the source of disturbance and destroy all hope of more sleep, or I could be the answer.  I never know.  Ahh motherhood, 30 seconds into my day and I am already making experimental decisions.  

I go for it...

Almost immediately I knew I made the wrong decision.  This kid was not in the mood to be messed with.  But, I stuck with my plan, put him on the boob and prayed he would fall asleep.  He didn't.  After he finished nursing, which is about 2 minutes these days, I plopped him on my chest and started to rock.  Within a couple minutes, he was drifting off to sleep.  

But, now came decision #2 of the morning- do I let him continue to sleep on me for the next hour, or do I put him in his crib?  Since the sun was already coming up, I should have just let the kid sleep.  But, we've been getting in the habit of letting him sleep on us lately, so I put him in the crib.  big mistake.  Long, boring story short, he didn't go back to sleep.  I give him credit, he tried.  He actually fooled me a couple times because I managed to drift off to sleep for about 10 seconds thinking he had fallen asleep.  But, by 7am he was ready to start the day.  That means my day starts too.

dishes, coffee, breakfast

This morning I thought I would give him scrambled eggs.  It was his first time having egg whites.  Although you're advised to wait until one year, I thought I would see how it went.  I eat a lot of eggs, making it an easy one pan breakfast or lunch for us both.

The eggs were a big success!

Meanwhile, I pumped and finally drank the coffee I had reheated at least 3 times.  I pump 3-4 times per day just to keep my supply up.  I have been a slave to milk production since day 1 of our breastfeeding journey- a long story I will save for another day.

please ignore my dirty kitchen.  I promise it's on my to-do list.

please ignore my dirty kitchen.  I promise it's on my to-do list.

The rest of our morning was spent taking little walks around the block (oh my goodness his favorite!), reading books, vacuuming, laundry, singing songs, and failing at getting any work done.  Pretty standard stuff around here.


Considering his early wake-up (and later than normal bedtime), I was presently surprised by his jolly attitude.  It felt like we had dodged a crappy, clingy attitude bullet and we were in the clear.

But, my child likes to keep me on my toes.  I'm learning kids have a tendency to do that.

Tip#2  stay flexible.  If you're a control freak like me and you're happiest when everyone else is happy, well, life will harder than it needs to be.  My life is often harder than it needs to be....

After a great nap, awesome lunch (food only ended up all over the eater and not all over the house), and one more happy walk outside, this happened...

Within seconds, my happy child morphed into a little monster.   A hysterical, crying, clingy - oh so clingy! - monster.  He was literally stuck to my leg.  Aaron rushed into the kitchen wondering if our child was dying.  Seeing that he was, in fact, very alive, he tried to rescue me (and give me the 5 minutes I needed to finish the cookies I was baking) by entertaining the poor kid.  Octavian was not in the mood for Daddy.  So, Daddy returned to work and the monster and I went for a little walk.  

The hysteria continued until nap time and, by some miracle, he actually napped in his crib... alone!  He woke up refreshed and smiley, ate dinner and played with his toys.  I was relieved that he was back to his normal self.  

But, as with the morning, the kid likes to keep me on my toes.  Just as suddenly as earlier in the afternoon, the monster returned.  With work to be done and dinner to be made, he was less than thrilled with life and worked very hard to prove his point.  At this point, I could either cry with him, or laugh.  For tonight, I decided to laugh... and have a glass of wine.

Tip#3  Always keep wine in the house.  You never know when you may need a glass- or bottle.

Despite this day of tears, I did manage to get a smile out of him... all he needed was a little face time with himself.

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