Weekend recap...and WELCOME!

This weekend was pretty mellow over at our house.  Actually, it was a bit like every other weekend.  It's still hot in Northern California, so the kid spent most of his time naked or in a diaper. 

I was thinking about laundry the other day and how much of it I am going to have come winter.  On days that Octavian actually wears clothes the entire day, we go through at least 3-4 outfits.  Add 1-2 additional outfits to that since he will be walking and it will hopefully be raining (lots!).  Feeding him while in just a diaper is pretty amazing, but just like it gets hot here in summer, it gets cold in winter and after a $450 electricity bill last winter, well, we cut back.  way back.  Any feeding tips out there from mama's with messy eaters?  Or any favorite must-have bibs?

Mornings around here are our favorite- that is, mornings when he decides to sleep to the sweet-spot of 730am.  Mornings where he rises at 6am and refuses to go back to sleep?  well, we are all pretty miserable by 630am and still have a long way to go until nap time.

But, 7am mornings are pretty awesome.  He's a big fan of watching the trees and squirrels out the front screen door.  The metal door is also his favorite new object to lick. At first, I tried to discourage him, but after watching him go to town on the rubber lining of the door frame, I decided that was a bigger issue.  He wasn't just happy with innocent licking, oh no, he wanted to rip that rubber frame out with his teeth.  


Mommy tip #1- pick your battles.  


That rubber frame will likely be no big deal tomorrow when he finds something new, more dangerous and more disgusting to get his mouth all over.

Meanwhile, we decided to get some lunch with the leftover giftcard we had to CPK.  This was a big deal for us.  We never eat out, and on the very rare occasion that we do, it's usually to the most hole-in-the-wall burrito place we can find.  I packed a lunch for Octavian and gave him bits and pieces from our salad and pizza- the avocado was a big hit.  

As Aaron and I were talking I mentioned how awkward/awful it would be if Octavian gagged and threw up while we were out.  Hoping to avoid this, I made his bread and chicken pieces extra small.  Not two minutes later the waterfall poured from his mouth and all over his lap and the highchair.  My first reaction was to look around and see if anyone saw.  We were in the clear, no embarassing i'm so sorry my kid just lost his lunch all over the place, but please, continue to enjoy your lunch.  I discretely wiped up the mess and we were good.  Octavian didn't even notice.  I think we were all thankful it didn't come out of his nose.

We also hit up Buy Buy Baby.  I was drawn into the store by the 20 pouches for $20 deal on Plum baby food.  Even before getting this coupon I was already obsessed with the pouches of food and always had to pick up just a few more whenever I was out to Target.  But this deal was too good to pass up.  We purchased 60 pouches, which means I spent more than $60 on baby food in one trip.  

I'm still in denial about the whole thing- especially since most of the food Octavian eats is homemade.  It really is a hoarding thing.  I just can't help it.

side note- if you're a Costco lover like me, they also have a great deal on baby food by Happy Baby.  I may have snagged 4 boxes of 12 the other day.

Like I said, hoarding.

We ended our Sunday with a trip to Grandma's house because Aaron and I could hardly keep our eyes open and figured Octavian would have more fun with Grandma.  Thank goodness for Grandma, she's pretty awesome.  We were also super spoiled and fed dinner, saving us even more time and energy later.  Octavian got to try his first Indian paratha (flat bread).  He loved it, reassuring everyone that there is some Indian in him after all. 

Lucky boy got some bath time before bed.  It's safe to say bath time is his favorite, but due to the drought in California, he only gets a proper bath twice a week.  I'm waiting for the day that he figures out how to pull himself out.  Fun for him, scary for me.  seriously, little babies are slippery when wet.

For anyone reading this, I hope you have a wonderful Monday night!  I hate "first posts" so I thought I would keep it simple.  This blog will cover motherhood, food, a little fashion, some travel, and whatever other random ideas pop into my head.  After a nearly two year blogging hiatus, I'm still finding my "blogging voice", so I apologize for poor writing and grammar errors- although, grammar has never been my strong suit, so I can't make any promises there.

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