Sometimes I get so caught up in how hard things can be or how tired I am that I forget to just stop and appreciate all the amazing things in my life.  Because, I am pretty darn lucky.  

So, here's my happy list for all of you on this beautiful Wednesday afternoon.

  1. That smiling boy in the picture above.  I mean, really, how did I get so lucky?  
  2. That said, I am so thankful for naptime.  He is exhausting.  I have no idea what I am going to do the day he decides to give up the whole nap thing.  The couple hours I get each day to just sit quietly are glorious.  It's my recharge time.
  3. Aaron. He helps keep me balanced, or, at the very least, helps keep my emotions in check (I am not thankful for hormone fluctuations).   
  4. Video baby monitors.  BEST.invention.EVER.
  5. Breast pumps.  Actually, this is a love / hate thing.  I hate that I spend more than an hour of my day hooked up to a machine pumping me like a cow (in addition to nursing 4-5 times per day), but am so thankful because, without it, my supply would have died months ago.
  6. Freezers. Without my freezer I wouldn't be able to store the hundreds (probably more like thousands) of ounces of pumped milk and extra pyrex dishes of food so that I can cook in large batches.  Sometimes the things that seem so little, are really so huge.
  7. Dessert.  

Happy Wednesday!

Spinach Quinoa Cakes

Bike rides make everything better