Weekend Review

A very early wakeup on Saturday

A jog with the babe- my routine on those early morning wake-ups

A 30 minute visit to the Fair Oaks Chicken Festival

Some furniture rearranging

A family walk

Thai curry

The worst night sleep ever (think newborn days, but worse) on Saturday

An even more horrible 30 minute nap on Sunday

A birthday party

Vomit.  lots and lots of waterfall vomit all over me, the kid and the picnic table after offering Octavian a bite of my watermelon.  Invite us to your next party, we'll make it one to remember!

Another crappy nap 

The most lovely bike ride with my two boys

Family bath



Compared to most weekends, this weekend was pretty busy.  The weather is finally cooling down which means less time indoors and more time outside (making everyone a bit happier around here).  Octavian decided to keep me on my toes with his sleeping, but we somehow managed to make it to Monday which is pretty good, I'd say.  The highlight of my weekend was our bike ride on Sunday evening down by the river.  I took many pictures, but they are just so lovely they deserve their own post.  Hope you had a great weekend!

Bike rides make everything better

firsts- the cereal box dump