Bike rides make everything better

On Sunday night my boys and I went for a little bike ride down by the river.  We are lucky enough to live just a couple miles from the American River bike trail, so we  try to take advantage of this fortune as often as possible.  I've been doing some serious stalking of the the weather forecast all month waiting for a dip in the temperature- Sunday was perfect timing (bonus- great distraction for a fussy baby)!  So, we fed the kid and got on our way.

Although the weekend was a rough one- fussy baby, terrible sleep and waterfall vomit- the only part of the weekend that I remember was the bike ride. Lies. I remember the entire weekend, but, it was exactly what I needed to help prepare me for the week ahead.


Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year.  The weather is cool and crisp (at least on its way to being that way), the trees glow in the setting sun and pumpkin is everywhere.  This Autumn is going to be extra amazing since it will be our first as a family of three!

(last year does not count. pregnancy, new baby and no sleep, well, I don't remember much of last Autumn)

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