Oh, wonder weeks, how I hate thee

Wonder weeks. Heard of 'em?  They're to babies what periods are to women.  ewww, gross.  And they are. Oh, they are.  Although, these wonderful developmental leaps are longer and less predictable and aren't a necessary evil in producing more cute babies.  These baby "periods" (as I call them) are there to torture us parents into crazytown.  just kidding, they do serve a purpose- but totally serious about the rest.

New to crazytown?  Here is a little background for you straight from the horses mouth, 

'It's not your imagination- all babies go through a difficult period around the same ago.  Research has shown that babies make 10 major, predictable, age-linked changes - or leaps - during the first 20 months of their lives.  During this time, they will learn more than in any other time.  With each leap comes a drastic change in your baby's mental development, which affects not only his mood, but also his health, intelligence, sleeping patterns and the "three C's" (crying, clinging and crankiness).'

Interested in reading more?  Find all the info you need here

Although the exact onset is never known, there is a predictable period.  This one, leap 7 - the world of sequences, caught me off guard.  Time has been going by so incredibly fast I hadn't realized we were due for his next period.  But, when I looked it up on Google yesterday morning, there we were, right in the bowels of leap 7.   I was relieved.  It all made sense.  My baby really isn't a monster, after all!

So, what does life look like at the moment over in my crazy?  Well, the pictures above are a great start. Throw in lots of leg clinging, fussing (oh the fussing), jealousy, constant need to be entertained, sleep refusal, frequent waking, and naughtiness from my monster baby.  And for me?  lots and lots and lots of coffee refills since it is impossible for me to sleep when the kid is awake. 

At least I can look forward to a whole set of skills by the end of  this leap.  Although according to the list on her blog, Octavian has a lot to learn, making my crazy mom brain wonder if I'm nurturing my son enough.  Am I playing with him enough?  Showing him enough skills?  Repeating the word ball or book  enough?  

But, enough of the mom guilt for today.  I'll save that for a whole other post.

In the meantime, any of you mom's out there going through a Wonder Week?  Wanna head over to my place for a margarita? Our monster's can play together!

In other news, I literally just  realized it's Friday.  Plans for me? none- surprise surprise.  How 'bout you?

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