Shop highlight- Finomenon Kids

First things first-  photographing a 10 month old is hard.  This kid likes to move.  And, if he does stop for half a second it's only if he's distracted by something, which is usually leaves if we are outside.  Since he tends to vomit when he gets a leaf in his mouth, taking photos of him outdoors is a little dance called crazy mommy torturing herself to get the impossible perfect picture.  It goes like this:  re-position baby, grab camera, re-position, camera, yes one picture! crap it's blurry, re-position, baby grabs leaf, baby tries to eat leaf, take leaf out of baby's mouth, re-position, camera, leaf again, remove leaf, camera, yayy! another picture! crap his eyes are closed... and it goes on and on.

Speaking of moving on...

As soon as I found out I was having a baby boy, I was on a mission to find him some cute boy clothes. I discovered that boys can be just as fun to dress as long as you look beyond the black, red and blue boring that Carter's is so good at pumping out (don't get me wrong, I LOVE Carters and Carter's takes lots of my money, but I also want Octavian to have a few "stand out" items).  

While browsing the internet I stumbled upon the shop Finomenon Kids.  While there are an abundance of shops selling leggings and pants (leggings are my fav!), finding fun shirts was more of a challenge. Finomenon Kids is cute and hip and trendy and I just had to have this little 'sup t-shirt.  It's still a favorite over here even though his milk belly is only half covered most of the time.

I also decided that just because he is a boy, that does not mean I can't put his hair up in a little pony tail (or whale spout, as I like to call it).  He has such beautiful hair he's lucky I don't put him in bows and headbands.  

Just kidding.  I'm not that crazy.

now that I cleared up all your questions about the pony tail, here are some of my other favorites-

And I'll leave you to your Wednesday with the cutest kids ever.  I mean, seriously, does it get any cuter? no, no it doesn't.

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