Our very awesome weekend (and by awesome, I mean boring)...

This weekend was boooring.

Somehow, the weekend snuck up on me, and then I got really confused because I thought it was Saturday the entire weekend.  This whole mom thing really messes with time and the days of the week. I guess that's what happens when everyday is spent doing just about the same thing as the previous and you haven't spent a day or night away from your child since conception.  

HIghlight of the weekend?  we got a family selfie in the car on our way to Carters.  Gotta cash in those rewards.

I was sneaky and finally got a picture of my baby sleeping.  This has been on my to-do list for a while. I mean, what's cuter than a sleeping baby?  nada.  and when it's your baby?   well,  I don't know about you, but it makes me want to have about a million more babies... that is, until reality hits and cute sleeping baby wakes up.  My million more baby crazy talk disappears reallll fast. 

Side note- umm, my child is huge!  My arm practically falls off every time I carry him around, yet that isn't enough to convince me he's not so little anymore.  but a picture of him sleeping? bam! huge!  Am I alone in this?

Also, I need to work on my sneak skills because this peaceful sleeping baby woke up about 2 seconds later.  It was totally worth it.

That cute baby above was pretty pissed about being woken up which equaled lots of fussing and ankle clinging- or, my favorite, standing while holding onto my pants so I can't move.  So, I had a little Saturday evening drink of my own- no, that is not grape juice and yes I drink out of a mini mason jar.

Pre-bed bath.  His fav.  and mine since it's daddy's job and I get about 30 seconds to do nothing while I prepare myself for the rest of bedtime routine.

Our playdate was cancelled on Sunday.  No more sunday funday for Mommy, but Octavian got to play in some grass, found the buttons on my shorts, ate some chicken and shared a smoothie with Aaron, so his day was pretty awesome.

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