10 Month Update

My sweet boy is 10-months-old.  Although I have appreciated each month watching him learn and grow, this month he started acting less like a little baby, and more like a little boy.  Watching him develop into his own, right before my eyes, is pretty incredible.  He is full of attitude and I LOVE it!


Weight:  21lbs 9oz     Height: 30 inches


We hit a few hiccups in the sleep department the first few weeks of this month.  Although he has almost always woken for at least one night feed, he decided once was not enough- he now wanted a little snack at least twice a night.  Part of me welcomed the extra feeds since his interest in nursing during the day is virtually non-existent (see below), but for these first few weeks he no longer went back to sleep after his belly was filled.  He would fuss/play/cry/crawl/stand for at least 60-90 minutes after each wake-up.  Most nights I would put him back in his crib, go back to bed and let him figure it out.  But, being in my own bed did not mean I actually went back to sleep.  oh no.  I was up until he fell back to sleep.  Once he drifted back to dreamland, I would work to sleep myself, but laying in bed listening to my poor child struggle to get to sleep for over an hour made getting back to sleep a challenge.  Meanwhile, daddy slept through the entire thing.  Seriously, how?  dad sleep- I'll save this topic for another day.

Finally, toward the end of the month, he struggled less to get back to sleep.  He still nurses twice at night, usually at 1230am and 4am.  I have a feeling it will take sleep training to break us of this habit.

Bedtime around here starts at 745pm and I hope to have him asleep in his crib by 8pm.  But, this past month we also struggled with bedtime nursing, sooooo he would usually get to sleep by 815pm and would wake up for the day between 6-730am.

Naps have been fairly consistent at 90 minutes each, twice a day.  Some days they are a little shorter and some days they are a little longer.

This month he has also shown that he needs at least 3 hours between his last nap and bedtime, otherwise he may not be quite ready for bed.  Before this month, two hours would be plenty of time for him to get nice and tired.

Overall, I am pleased with his sleep as long as it doesn't take a million years for him to get back to sleep.  One day i'll get more than 3 hours of sleep at a time, but, for now, he seems well rested most days and is healthy.  If he's hungry, he's hungry.


He has really cut back on nursing which made me a little crazy for a while.  I am the paranoid type and always worry he isn't nursing enough.  I am determined to nurse him until he is one year old, but hope we continue until he is 18 months or older.  It's just the best thing for him- and it's free.  oh, and let's not forget that without nursing, I wouldn't be able to eat the 4 desserts I just cannot resist every single night.

He usually nurses at 1230am, 330am, 1030am, 330pm and 745pm.   He has decided that he's not interested in nursing when he wakes up- even if he doesn't eat much at 330am.  Sometimes I can sneak in a minute or two, but usually it just pisses him off.  He's also only nursing for 3-4 minutes before bed.  I may have a heavy let-down, but 3 minutes on end-of-the-day boobs, well, I can't imagine him getting more than 3-4 ounces.  I would try and try and try to get him to nurse more, but it usually just frustrated us both (mostly me).  I definitely had several meltdowns this past month because I was so worried he was weaning.

He's not.  I'm just crazy.

However, he will only nurse when he is tired or seriously upset.  This makes things very tricky if we want to go out anywhere that is more than 2 miles away when he is sleepy.  If he falls asleep in the car he won't nurse when he wakes up OR get a good nap.  Like I said, complicated- AND frustrating for this mama.

He also eats solids 3 times per day.  After he wakes in the morning, after his first nap, and after his second nap.  We start with finger foods and finish with puree.  He still loves greek yogurt with all purees- we usually do a 50/50 mix of puree and yogurt.  He tried my stir fry and pasta this month, I just pureed it.  He loved both, although I think the pasta sauce is his favorite.  He loves chicken, strawberries, toast, greek yogurt,and black beans, and smoothies!

New Skills:

  • He started to stick out his tongue on 8.13.14
  • I found him standing in his crib after his nap on 8.15.14!  We were both so excited!
  • Started couch surfing on 8.19.14
  • It appears, at least to me, that he understands who "mama" is.  Whenever he wants out of his crib, or gets upset, he babbles maamaa.
  • Tried to take his first step on 8.23.14.  He fell into the couch and scratched his eye.  No walking yet, thank goodness.
  • Although he has been clapping for months, he now makes noise when he does it!
  • Started pulling up to stand everywhere at the end of 40 weeks.
  • Started mimicking what Aaron and I do, crazy how that happens. HA!
  • Started picking up toy phone and holding it to his ear (and putting it in his mouth).



  • He loves books!  His favorites include anything with a picture of a cat, dog or baby
  • He loves when I make new noises or stick out my tongue
  • Bathtime
  • Exploring rooms that are off limits.  He gets so excited every time we let him play in our room!
  • Stuffed animals!
  • He love his toy piano and activity table
  • Being outside!  His favorite!
  • His reflection
  • Jumping all over the couch
  • Peek-a-boo is still a favorite in this house


  • Nursing when you aren't tired.  He will only nurse just before bed or naptime.
  • He HATES his changing table and clothes/diapers.  We have now started to do some changing on the floor.
  • Hates having his face and hands wiped off after he eats.  Makes him crazy!
  • He hates cuddling.  I still have no idea how this happened.
  • Sitting still!  He loves to move!!!

Month Highlights:

  • He took his first ride in a bike trailer on 8.15.14.  He LOVED it.  I followed behind on my bike and he would squeal every time we went down a little hill or Aaron started to go fast.
  • We had a pool party play date with Aurelie, park play date, and birthday parties!
  • Teeth!  Left lateral incisor came in on 8.22.14 and right lateral incisor came in on 8.29.14
  • We went to the zoo!  He loved the peacocks and deer!
  • Grandpa Jeff and Auntie Jen came to visit over Labor Day weekend when Aaron went camping.  We went swimming, got him some new fall/winter clothes and went for pizza.  Since we never eat at restaurants, this was a big deal for him and he LOVED it!  He definitely loves watching people and getting out of the house.


This month Octavian has his first real experience throwing up solids (out of mouth and nose).  Gotta watch out for beans with thick skin.  He handled it so well, just a few tears.  After a good bath (for us both!) he was good as new.  Speaking of vomit, my child likes to eat leaves which makes him throw up because they get stuck in the back of his throat.  It happened twice in three days, and since then I have decided he can no longer play on the grass.  Makes park trips pretty boring since he is limited to play on the swing.

Octavian finally had his tongue tie clipped!  After struggling for months to keep my supply up and his dwindling interest in nursing, we decided to have his tongue evaluated again (we were given mixed diagnosis when he was born, and since nursing was going well and he was gaining weight we decided not to have it clipped).  Well, apparently, he had a fairly severe tongue tie.  Although it wasn't imperative to have it clipped, I wanted to get it done to avoid future speech problems.  He handled it so well!  After a few minutes of tears, he was good.  Since it was clipped, nursing is a bit better.  He is still distracted, but some days he'll nurse more.  AND, when he really wants to, he can actually drain my breast.  More than anything, he seems to enjoy nursing more, which makes me one happy mama.

I still pump at least 3 times per day.  I pump for 20-25 minutes after his morning, afternoon and night feed.  May be a little excessive, but we have 100s of ounces of stored milk.  Instead of giving him a sippy filled with water or formula, I can give him breastmilk.

Watching him learn and grow these past 10 months have been the most amazing adventure of my life.  I am so lucky to be his mom!


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