This past month has been crazy.  And, just when I think I am about to catch my breath, something else pops up and knocks the breath right out of me.

So, what's been going on?  Well, a cute little boy that goes by the name of Octavian turned 1!  My sweet baby boy is no longer a baby, and is officially a toddler.  I will admit, I am so excited about this time in his life.  To my surprise I didn't shed a tear or fold into a soppy mess on the floor when the day came.  And, if I'm being perfectly honest, I celebrated the passing of the newborn baby days.  I will miss my adorable itty bitty baby and the brand new baby snuggles, but, you guys, he is so much fun now!  He is his own little hilarious person, and I love it.

Speaking of my cute baby boy, he's walking!  Actually, he's running now.  He took his first step on October 8th and less than a month later started running through the house.  Phew, that happened fast.  He also started feeding me food, flicking light switches on and off, stacking cups and using his shape sorter.  His little brain is working over time!

Amid the sleep deprivation I like to call October, I tried to plan my child one of those amazing, Pinterest worthy first birthday parties.  While it came no where close to meeting my expectations, we celebrated my sweet boy with family, friends and amazing food.  At the end of the day, I think it turned out alright.  No one went home hungry, and that's the most important thing I'd say.

What else?  Well, we successfully got through sleep training and the rewards are amazing!  Aside from being rested myself, more importantly, Octavian is happy and well rested.  I can see such a huge difference in his overall well-being.  Amazing, I tell ya!

I've been busy with work stuff.  Fun projects I have absolutely no complaints about, but time consuming nonetheless.  

Just when things started to calm down a bit a couple weeks back, the sickness hit.  For two weeks we all battled with what felt like a never ending cold.  Poor Octavian was hit hardest.  Breastmilk helping babies get better faster? Lies.  Big fat lies.  For ten days we had to suck the snot from his nose every time he nursed. Poor kid never got used to the dreaded snot sucker and is probably suffering from a bit of PTSD thanks to his continuously stuffed up/snot fountain nose.  We've had to change up bedtime routine a bit since bathtime is no longer associated with happy calming thoughts.  Instead panic of what comes after bathtime (or did come after bathtime) sets in and he just cries until I take him out.

Aaron also got sick.  And let me just say- man cold is so much worse than baby colds.  so.much.worse.  I got sick, too, but I'm the mom so who cares about that, right?  

So, we ALL got better. yayyy!  Finally, time to catch my breath....not!  Teething. Horrible horrible teething.  Thankfully, my sweet child is still sleeping well.  If he does wake up, he puts himself back to sleep.  But, nursing strike is here!  I am crazy crazy when it comes to nursing/eating and worrying that my perfectly healthy 24 pound child isn't nursing/eating enough.  So, a nursing strike is like my worst nightmare.  Don't get me wrong.  I would welcome self weaning- I am ready for a date night and possible night away with my husband.  But, I have absolutely no idea if he is eating enough, and this makes me a crazy, mean, emotional person. Motherhood has made me realize I have some serious control issues.  I am hoping this little nursing strike turns him on to eating more solids.  That would be fantastic.  And give me a little idea on what it will be like when he is weaned.  Meanwhile, I am a pumping machine.  Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, my right breast is hard and clearly clogged.  I've never had mastitis, but considering the past month or so, it makes perfect sense that a boob infection is next.

So, somehow, Thanksgiving is in 4 days.  This is crazy.  Seriously, where have the past two months gone?

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