sleep. what sleep?

Yeah, these pictures weren't taken this weekend.  My unkempt appearance may say otherwise, but I am relatively well rested in these photos.  Add some dark circles, unwashed hair (yes, that mess up there is washed just lazy) and the same clothes for the past 5 days, and that would be current me.

Remember how I mentioned that sleep has been pretty crappy over here?  well, it's gotten worse. so much worse.  my kid is now refusing to sleep in his crib.  bed time now takes 1-2 hours and, last night, after nursing him at 2am he decided that he would not sleep anywhere but on my chest while I rocked him.  It took more than 3 hours to get him back in his crib to sleep. When I do have him cry a bit in his crib (we're talking a few minutes) he gets so upset that he vomits everywhere.  Until today, naps have been less of a struggle.  On occasion, they may be shorter, but he wouldn't put up a fight when I would put him in his crib. Well, it took an hour to get him in his crib for his nap this morning.  

you guys, I am startling to lose it.  

Friends with kids tell me not to worry, that this is just a phase but, this little phase is bringing me right back to the newborn days and I am not a fan.  

Sadly, my foggy sleep deprived brain forgot to take photos this weekend.  Not one.  Come to think of it, I don't think I've gone this long without taking photos since before Octavian was born. 

So, my apologies for boring you on this Monday with my sleeping woes.  If anyone out there has any tips, please send them my way!  


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