Weekend Review- seen through my phone

This weekend we tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  While it is still warm over here, there was a really lovely breeze on Sunday which made it feel a bit more like Autumn.  Morning is especially lovely and my favorite time to go on walks with the kid.   The crisp fresh autumn air and trees blowing in the wind is just about the only thing, aside from coffee, that makes me look forward to getting out of bed the next morning.  

Later, we threw the kid in the bike trailer, hopped on our bikes and headed to the river.  Little man hates his helmet (any tips to make him get over this?), so we stopped at a pretty park and rolled around on the grass a while.

The rest of the weekend included a trip to Grandma's house, some shopping at Cost Plus, baby vomit,  leftovers, snuggles in bed (translation- face grabbing and clawing), and another little adventure to the river.  

^^^Like I said, the kid insists on clawing at my face.  I did not give birth to a baby that likes to cuddle, ever.  Even when he was sick with the flu, he would not cuddle with me.  He loves to be held, but I have to be walking around.  Anyone else out there have a baby that learned to love cuddling when they were older?  

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

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