A couple weeks ago we decided to have a little photo shoot with pumpkins.  I love all the many shapes and sizes that pumpkins come in, so I had to pick some up while I was out shopping. Since I'm way too cheap to get professional pictures taken all the time, and getting this kid to sit still for a picture is literally impossible, I hoped the pumpkins would be a great distraction and entertain him while I took pictures of him.  It worked- for about 3 minutes.  Not nearly long enough since I am still figuring out my camera, but it was just long enough to get a few festive shots.

I still can't believe that Halloween will be Octavian's last first holiday.  It feels like just yesterday that we were celebrating our first holiday together as a family of three, Thanksgiving.  He slept through the entire dinner!  Aaron and I were still in the newborn haze and I had absolutely no idea how I would get him to his first birthday safe and healthy.  It was by this first holiday that I realized how hard motherhood can be.

And now here we are about to celebrate this last first.  It happened in a flash...  a flash that sometimes felt like forever.


On Octavian:
Shirt:  twiddleANDtweet
Leggings: Ollie Jones

Pumpkin Gingerbread Waffles

Southwestern Stuffed Sweet Potatoes with Ground Turkey