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My name is Jessica.  Way back in November 2013, I had the best day of my life- my pregnancy ended and I met my handsome little offspring.

Before my name changed to mom, I received a degree in MCD Biology from UC Santa Cruz while fully indulging in chaos that is called college. It was there that I bumped into my (now) husband, Aaron, in a hot tub at a fraternity party.  The details are a bit blurry, but I'm sure it was love at first sight.  I graduated and did what all college graduates with a lifetime of loans do, got a job.  My first real world job was working as a research assistant for Stanford University.  Not a bad deal, but after a year, the boyfriend (not hubs just yet) and I packed up our life and bought a one-way ticket to Asia.

For months we climbed the Himalayas (and got engaged) in Nepal, ate our way through Thailand, explored temples in Cambodia, fell in love with fish ball soup in Malaysia and learned about life under the sea in Indonesia.  

A few short months later, Aaron took off for India to run his family business.  Needing another adventure of my own, I took off for Germany to work as an AuPair.  Aaron was miserable melting away in India, while I lived in a fairy-tale land called Bavaria.  I was in heaven, except for one very important thing- my host family and I had very different expectations of what my job would entail. After 5 months, I said Goodbye to beautiful Bavaria and Aaron and I got to work making a baby.

Fast forward 8 months and viola!  Positive!!!

That first year was hard.  But, now?  Now life is good! I could elaborate, but that's what the blog is for, right?

So, what will you find at Coffee&Crayons?  Stories of good days, and stories of hard days, always accompanied by many many photos.  You'll see my self-taught journey in food photography- I promise the food will always be good!  And other little tidbits that make motherhood the best thing that ever happened to me.  

You can read more about my travels and former life over at Lost&Found.

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